Breadwinners: Shell Shock Edition

Breadwinners: Shell Shock Edition

The life of a professional basketball player can be a difficult one. Basketball for these players is not just a sport, but a job, the means by which they support themselves and their loved ones. Their ability to be the “Breadwinners” for their families rests on the success they have in the game.

From a young age, these group of players tend to focus on one ultimate goal, playing in the NBA. However, the path to the exposure and financial freedom offered by the NBA is not a straight line for everyone. Whether it be the G-League, Overseas, or the TBT, these players look for any chance to prove that they deserve larger opportunities in the sport.

This year, a first year alumni team in The Basketball Tournament (TBT), “Shell Shock” comprised of ex-NBA vets, G-League Stars, and Overseas legends attempts to use the TBT as an opportunity for both exposure, and the chance of changing their lives by winning 1 million dollars.

TBT features 64 teams of top professional, college alumni, and international basketball players competing in a single-elimination 5-on-5 tournament for a winner-take-all $1 Million prize.

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