4 Dumb Reasons You Can’t Break Ankles | THE CRAZY TRUTH

4 Dumb Reasons You Can’t Break Ankles | THE CRAZY TRUTH

4 Dumb Reasons You Can’t Break Ankles | THE CRAZY TRUTH

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In today’s video we break down the 4 Dumb Reasons You Can’t Break Ankles, and the CRAZY TRUTH behind why! Then I walk you through how to actually break ankles during a live game and give you my exact recipe to help you start to break more ankles for yourself! I will walk you through some of the top mistakes players make when trying to become a better ball handler, and what they can do to actually improve on the court! This is some of the best basketball advice I’ve EVER given! Pay close attention because all of these tips can help you skyrocket your scoring ability while breaking ankles in the process!

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