How Tyler Herro is DESTROYING Defenders | NBA Breakdown

How Tyler Herro is DESTROYING Defenders | NBA Breakdown

How Tyler Herro is DESTROYING Defenders | NBA Breakdown

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In today’s video, we break down Tyler Herro’s INSANE performance against the OKC Thunder where he went off for 26 points 7 rebounds, and 6 assists! We also take a deep dive into How Tyler Herro is DESTROYING Defenders and what he’s doing differently this season to skyrocket his scoring ability! I breakdown 8 specific scoring moves that he uses to get buckets. These are all things that players at every level can learn from and implement into their own game!

Tyler Herro is one of the most interesting shooters in the entire NBA so pay close attention so you can use some of the same mechanics he uses on his jump shot! In today’s video, we take a deep dive into the special mechanics you need to start destroying defenders just like Tyler Herro! Pay close attention because all of these tips can help you stretch your overall knowledge of scoring as well as shooting the basketball while increasing your overall shot consistency!

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