The ONE Must Have Move to Snatch Ankles | TRY THIS

The ONE Must Have Move to Snatch Ankles | TRY THIS

The ONE Must Have Move to Snatch Ankles | TRY THIS

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In today’s video, I give you The ONE Must Have Move to Snatch Ankles! This is a fairly simple ankle breaking move but if done correctly can have insane results! By implementing this ankle breaking move into your scoring arsenal you can almost immediately skyrocket your shooting scoring and your overall basketball skill level!
Throughout the video I breakdown the most devastating ankle breaker that the NBA has seen! We look at footage from some of the top scorers in the league using this very move to make defenders look silly!
If you are ready to really skyrocket your scoring this nasty basketball ankle breaker is essential! Make sure to implement this move into your workouts.

As always make sure you are paying close attention to these basketball scoring tips so when the time comes you can really expand your game to the next level! Watch the video all the way through and implement these scoring tips into your game today!

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